Glimex was founded in South Africa in 2016 as an export and import company, with branches in Rwanda and Nigeria. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which brought to a halt all traditional marketing stores, forcing some to shut down, GlimexOnline was established to give vendors and small business an alternative platform to continue and grow their business.

We have created a fair and transparent online marketplace that puts its buyers and sellers first. By doing this, we offer the same advantages enjoyed by leading marketplaces, but in a unique way that benefits everyone especially in the African market space.

Why should you choose us?

GlimexOnline is an online marketplace with a goal of promoting small and upcoming African enterprises. By providing a cutting-edge internet-based solution to "retail consolidation", we bridge the gap between business to customer (B2C) in a professional, timeous and efficient manner, whilst making sure our vendors and customers have the highest desired satisfaction and experience.

GlimexOnline prides itself in its exclusive full range of African products such as fashion (clothing, accessories, footwear and beauty
products), arts and crafts, home décor, dry packaged agricultural products and non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee and tea.

Our Services Include:

Promoting small and upcoming African enterprises and bridging the gap between B2C.

Providing personalized and premium standard services.

Providing a cutting-edge internet-based solutions to “retail consolidation”.

We also service freight agencies and create employment in the course of our business.