In the body of the terms & conditions “GlimexOnline” is referred as “GO”

GlimexOnline was initiated in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which brought to a stand still all traditional marketing stores and forcing some to shut down. Our website is giving all vendors and small business an alternative way to continue and grow their business through opening their own on-line shop via GlimexOnline platform. Due to the speed of having to launch our site we ask you our vendors to be patient with us as we refine the services and offering we roll out in the months ahead.


When you register with GO you hereby agree to all the terms and conditions that are set out in the contract below. These terms can change from time to time and will be e-mailed to you as we continue growing this site.


Our initial registration process will require the following:

You need to have your own bank account so GO can pay out any fees due, and supply your business name. You must be over 18 years of age and have the necessary certificates required for selling your products.


During our launch phase and due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are offering the first 50 vendors that sign up and are approved by GO to a 2 months free trial. This is for the on-line shop and listing, which includes GO setting up your on-line GOshop, provided you supply us with all relevant information.

After this special launch offer, we will charge the following:

  • Listing for a service related business only – R95 (US$7)/equivalent per month will be set up as a debit order on a month to month basis. however, should you want to cancel your contract, a one month’s notice must be given via an e-mail to
  • Setting up your GOshop and listing – Two joining fees options are available:
  • You do it yourself (YDIY) – making use of our self-help tutorial. R350 (US$23)/equivalent once off joining fee.
  • We do it for you (WDI4U) – GO sets up your GOshop and listing for you. You must however, supply us with all the content and a maximum of 20 products to list. High resolution pictures required /logo /introduction to your business/ pricing etc. R650 (US$42)/equivalent once off joining fee.

There are no monthly charges having a GOshop on our site, however, GO will charge a 10% administration fee for all sales generated through your GOshop. This fee is deducted off the total transaction cost for product and delivery fee if applicable, and your GOshop receives the balance (90%) of the selling price within 48 hours of purchase. Vendors must account for this fee in all prices for products listed on their GOshop. However, these prices should not be inflated and should be advertised at market related prices.

It is unethical to generate interest in your business via our platform and then encourage your customers to pay you directly and by-pass the GO admin fee. Should this be discovered, your listing and GOshop will be taken down and your contract with GO terminated.


  • GO does not allow for any directories, multi-vendor stores or any other business format that is similar to the GO business concept.
  • When registering your GOshop, you will submit products that are specific to those listed in your application. Once we have accepted your application, you will not be allowed to add unrelated products to your GOshop. You cannot have multiple businesses trading under one GOshop profile. This would require you to register an additional GOshop. For example, if your GOshop is registered as a fashion vendor, you cannot start advertising craft on your GOshop.


GO will make use of PayFast’s payment gateway for all transactions that are generated through the GO platform. When setting up your GOshop you will be required to provide a valid bank account, in order for GO to link your GOshop to your payment account.

Customers purchasing through the GO platform will be able to use all major credit cards, debit cards and standard EFT’s. When a customer purchases a product from a vendor, the amount is paid into GO’s bank account which GO will reimburse within 72 hours of a successful transaction. However, this will be less the 10% administration fee.

All PayFast commission fees are accounted for in the 10% admin fees that GO charges on the total transaction. Once your money is received into your account there is a flat fee of R10 incl. VAT that PayFast charges to release that money into your normal bank account. Our advice is to allow enough money to accumulate into your account before transferring into your normal bank account, as this flat R10 fee becomes a lessor percentage of the amount transferred.


GO is not registered for VAT; should your business be registered for VAT, please stipulate this in your application form. If you are registered for VAT, then your advertised selling price must include the VAT.


Hyperlinking from your GOshop to your own on-line shop is prohibited. This will be going against the GO business model.


You are responsible for keeping stock of items listed on your GOshop. Should you run out of stock kindly indicate on your GOshop listing as “Out of stock” or take down the product off your listing.

You must at all times keep your pricing up to date; whatever is advertised is what the customer will pay.

All your GOshop details must be kept up to date, such as address for collections, contact details of shop owner and any other contact details for sales and general administration staff. Other details such as e-mail address, billing address, bank details are to be kept up to date.

You will be notified of all orders on your Vendor dashboard, so it is your responsibility to process these orders to the delivery stage.


Should you not be able to oversee the running of your GO-shop for whatever reason, such as illness or going away on holiday, you are to notify GO at and we will take your shop off-line for that period.


As a vendor you will be able to run your own sales and promotions. You can set these sale prices through your Vendor Dashboard. Please take into consideration that GO will still charge 15% on your sale items.


The whole idea is that local communities support local vendors. Vendors should therefore be able to deliver their products directly to their customers. However, should your product be in nation-wide demand or should you be too busy to deliver then you can offer the following delivery options:

  1. Customer collects
    1. You make use of an external delivery company (ARAMEX).

Vendors are responsible to state their delivery conditions.

There are various factors affecting deliveries such as size of products and distance. It is up to the Vendor to determine what is appropriate in determining their delivery policy. For normal items GO has a set standard policy of a maximum of 10 days for delivery. Should for whatever reasons if the Vendor cannot honour this period, then they must liaise with the customer for an extended period.


Traders are to have their own refund policy which must be stated on their GO-shop. This refund policy must be as per the standard terms of on-line shopping.

GO will not be responsible for any refunds. Vendors are responsible for handling the refunds in a professional manner.

If a refund is required, you will be responsible to refund the total amount paid by the customer for the order including delivery fees and GO administration fees. You will not be allowed to claim any fees back from GO.


GO expects a high standard of service between Vendor and customer. Should there be any complaints or disputes, vendors are to conduct the disputes/complaints directly with the customer (s) in a professional manner. Should this dispute not be resolved and is referred to GO, we will try our best to investigate the complaint as best as possible. It will be to our own discretion in concluding the outcome. Should this dispute/complaint not be resolved then GO has full right to remove your GO-shop / listing off the GO platform.


GO has strict service level standards and to maintain these high levels of service we have implemented a feature allowing the customer to rate and review each vendor.

Should any vendor however, feel that there has been unfair ratings to your product or service, you may send your objections to and we will try to investigate. If we feel the ratings were unfair or abusive, then such rating will be deleted off the site.

If the negative rating/review is valid, and this happens on numerous occasions, then GO has full right to remove your GOshop off the site at its sole discretion.

GO will not be responsible to refund any joining fees.


Trader Cancellation

Should you want to cancel your listing on GO’s platform, we require you to send your cancellation e-mail to and your GOshop or and listing will be removed.

GO Cancelling Vendors listing / GOShop

Due to the following:

  1. If your services or products advertised are misleading or not an accurate representation.
  2. As mentioned above in the ratings and review policy – if there are numerous complaints about the service & quality.
  3. If we have regular complaints of poor service delivery.
  4. If you do not honour your refund policy
  5. If you trade in such a way that compromises GO’s reputation.
  6. If your deliveries are not carried out on time.
  7. If your advertised products are frequently not in stock.


Should you sell your business then you are required to let GO know so that we can get the new owners to sign a new contract. Please e-mail


    GO provides guidelines for the use of the website but does not control the actions or opinions of the customers and therefore will not be held liable for the conduct of any GO customers or Traders.
    GO disclaims all warranties of any kind, either express or implied. No oral or written information provided by us shall create a warranty, nor shall you rely on any such information or advice.

These Terms shall be solely and exclusively governed by, construed and interpreted in accordance with the law of the Republic of South Africa.

    We reserve the right in our sole discretion to alter or remove any services offered.
    GO acts as a platform and therefore does not endorse, approve or represent any of the content including business services and/or products, statements, information, data, opinions or advice provided by the Traders and customers of the GO website.
    You release GO and the entirety of our staff of any claims, damages, losses and expenses of any kind relating to a dispute with any GO member or a third party in every circumstance. Under no circumstances will you hold GO or any of the GO staff liable for any infringement of your intellectual property rights, loss of profits, loss of revenue, loss of operation time, corruption or loss of information or data and/or loss of contracts resulting from your use of or inability to use the website or the website materials.
    This website’s creators and administrators have no liability whatsoever pertaining to any actions or transactions originating or deriving from conducting business as a Trader on the GO’s website. GO is solely a platform for you to be able to promote your business and sell your products and services, therefore all transactions are at your own risk. GO will not be held responsible for any bad service or poor quality products received and is not obligated to participate in dealing with any complaints made against you as a Trader unless done so at our own discretion.


Please could you contact us via our e-mail address – Only in a serious case of emergency can you contact us via our emergency WhatsApp number on number 071731225.


Traders are to have their own refund policy which must be stated in their shop. Should you not have your own refund policy then GO’s standard Refund Policy will apply.

GO’s standard refund policy states that your customer can ask for a full refund if the products are in their original packaging and condition.

GO will not be responsible for any refunds. The vendors are responsible for handling the refunds in a professional manner.

In the event you are required to issue a refund, you will be responsible to refund the final sales price that the customer paid for, including delivery fees and GO administration fees. You will not be allowed to claim any fees back from GO.

Should you sell a product that is not in stock you will be expected to refund the customer immediately. But if you manage to contact the customer and the customer is happy to wait a little longer for delivery then you can proceed to keep the payment until the agreed date of delivery is processed.